Glass & Wire, Wood & Fabric

It started with clay.  As a child I was obsessed with creating things out of clay, spending hours making the little creatures that ran through my imagination.  Then I discovered wire and fell in love with the flexibility of the material.  I spent several years making chainmail jewelry, small armor pieces, even a fur-lined chainmail bikini for a friend. I created trees and mobiles and little people to fill my room.  When I met my wife, she told me she dreamt of a house full of stained glass.  As the time, glass seemed an inapproachable topic; Far too dangerous and involved for my tastes (or so I thought).  But in 2012, with the encouragement of a former employer and craft maven, I started working with stained glass.  Now I'm slowly filling all the windows of our home with stained glass, piece by piece.  I've kept up on absorbing other skills, from sewing stuffed animals for my daughter to repoussé to wood carving, but glass has become the focus of my creative output. 

The extent of my formal art training is a smattering of childhood classes at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston and sculptural metalworking and figure drawing classes in adulthood. Other than that, I've taught myself everything else.  I learn techniques from books, the web, and youtube.  I apply skills learned in middle school shop classes and home ec.  Mostly, I just enjoy the process of taking something from my imagination and making it real.  I find fulfillment in creating beautiful/interesting things. 

I hope you enjoy my work.